SHAD Bluetooth Helmet Intercom BC03

SHAD Bluetooth Helmet Intercom BC03

The new communication systems range Shad is specially designed to offer a safe communication and riding, as it allows you to communicate through your smartphone in a completely legal way while riding, making your trip safer and more entertaining. 
Receive your calls in an easy and safe way while riding your scooter or motorcycle with the SHAD hands-free set using just one multifunction button. Easy to install, the system is designed to be completely integrated in your helmet.
The BC03 model is the most complete, as it includes hands-free connection to the phone/GPS bluetooh, stereo music player and intercom, which allows easy and safe communication between rider and passenger. Moreover, the BC03 provides voice answering function and dual Link system, which keeps connected to your phone even when connected as intercom.
• Double earphone
• Voice Answering
• Hands free connection to smartphone/gps
• Stereo Music Playback
• Intercom Rider to Passenger
• Dual Link

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